Morphiza Mk2

An update to the original and popular Morphiza. This version is a cousin to S3O.. Designed to capture the sounds of the transistor organs of the 60s and 70s. Comes complete with 16 presets but the interface makes it very easy to create your own..
RMXL is a re-release of a plugin previously included as a Computer Music exclusive. It is the best Richman synth to date with two totally independent sound sources and a wide variety of top class patches from .
All in all a very playable instrument.
STRATA is an attempt to return to the ‘weirdness of Krakli! A marriage of additive and FM with the ability to create controlled or totally off-the-wall sounds. Experimentation is recommended.
Initially this plug-in is offered with only 20 preset slots filled, more will be added if users email their FXPs to Krakli.
An S3 ‘mono’ synth with a whole load of attitude. Complete with 64 excellent patches from himalaya, S3K attempts to fuse retro sounds with a hard modern edge. Octaver, Ring mod and arpeggiators are added in addition to the normal Echo, Phase and Reverb effects. For the best effect make sure that you use the modulation wheel to its full potential.

The next in the line of S3 plugs, this one takes the S3 concept and makes it just a little more flexible. This plugin also contains the Pulse module which can be used to create a number of different Rythmic effects. Very many thanks to Himalaya for the excellent presets.



For all lovers of the 70s and 80s String machines comes S3. Designed the to compliment StringZ2, S3 is unashamedly synthetic, with loads of modulation and movement in the sound. S3 comes equipped with FX for Phaze, Ensemble, Echo and EQ. S3 Now comes equipped with a full bank of 64 presets. Many thanks to Himalaya, ArtVera and Rosllow for these.


A new and much ‘Improved’ version of StringZ, we present StringZ2. Now much more capable of providing pad ensemble sounds as well as the PM sounds that StringZ was famous for. This version boasts the keyscale controls first introduced in Rticul8r. Here they can be used to good effect to fine tune the filter or harmonics across the keyboard. This version also has a reverb unit built in that can become part of the voice architecture. Complete with a full bank of 128 presets which have been kindly contributed by Tim Conrardy and Himalaya showing the full range of this distinctive keyboard.




An update to Rticul8, this synth is spikey and full of character, best played with a velocity sensitive keyboard, it can turn its hand to natural sounding or totally synthetic tones. Very many thanks to androidlove for the patches.

Previously developed with Kriminal, and at one time featured in Computer Music Magazine. Karnage is now Hosted for the first time on the Krakli website. To celebrate this event it has now been updated to version 1.7 with added Oscillator-Sync, extra detune amounts on Oscs 1 & 2 and a unique new feature called the D-Gate which allows creative use of a special MultiTap delay.

Taking the original Theremin like Hooo plug that was occasionaly available and giving it a new lease of life. This plug is designed for experimentation and so has no presets but does have room to store 16 of your own. The pitch of the oscillator can be controlled by the keyboard, the modulation wheel or by the XY pad X- axis. The Y axis can be used to control a number of sources.. Beware this plug is bigger on the inside than the outside.

Using a Hybrid of Physical Modelling and FM synthesis, Richman2 is designed to be an expressive plug-in, which in the right hands can make real sounding and organic sounds. Specialising in plucked or struck tones Richman2 can also turn its hand to a great many other types of sounds. Richman2 comes complete with a patch bank containing 100 preset sounds.
Many thanks to JoMal for the excellent Demo tune and his patches, also thanks to blaster78 and Kriminal for their patches.. This plug-in replaces Richman1, Meta4×2 and Rticul8.

A collaboration with the renowned Tim Conrardy. CYGNUS is a space synth supreme. Designed for Pads , Ambient space sounds and other worldly effects, CYGNUS is offered with a full compliment of 384 patches and a choice of GUIs. The space GUI has no conventional controls and is designed to be used in an almost random pattern. The OdO version is more conventional and will provide a more familiar environment that some users will prefer to work in, However the OdO skinned Version has the extra functionality of being able to load Soundfonts ito each of the 3 oscillator locations, this feature coming about due to the plug-ins coverage at GearWire.Com
Both versions are semi-patch compatible (with the proviso that the space version will not be able to load patches created in the SF version without displaying an error) and will happily live alongside each other in your plug-ins folder
Super Ring

A newer version of the Ring polysynth. SuperRing boasts more of the same but with better filters, more complex modulation options and Delay based effects. While offering greater flexibility it loses none of the trademark Ring sound… includes 32 presets with 16 from the infamous vurt Now updated to Ver 2 with improved CPU usage and ‘cleaner’ sound.

The son of S.F.U.M. arrives… With much use of host sync to bpm and with an unusual filter array effem takes up wher S.F.U.M left off. Much rythmic mayhem and electric fun to be had here… Complete with a full set of 128 presets from vurt, Steven West & blaster78. Many thanks to blaster78 for the demo mp3

vurtbox is the brainchild of vurt.. a long time fan of krakli synths and master synthesist. vurt is famous for his synthetic soundscapes and rythmically driven ambient pieces, so it was only fitting that he conceived a synth quite unlike any other.. The sounds are suprising and the gui is bizarre! This release contains 32 presets from the man vurt himself and 16 from patch-meister Tim Conrardy and hopefully more to follow.. Please note that this synth is capable of consuming HIGH levels of CPU (if you find it too much check out the mini-vurtbox, also from Krakli), also note that in some cases the output can be very loud so take caution with your speaker levels..

Due to the problems some users were having with the CPU usage of the vurtbox, we have released this slimmed down version which, whilst losing some flexability attempts to capture the spirit of the original.. Both versions will run alongside each other quite happily.

Born from the filter of the EZ synth.. EZ-poly is blessed with an 8 step analog sequencer which syncs to your hosts tempo, or can be stepped with each new note, creating some fantastic tones and note-runs.. EZ-poly comes equipped with 30 presets from the renowned Tim Conrardy showing this synth off to its fullest. If you want your synth to deliver full-blown leads, weird special FX or expressive pads then EZ-poly delivers.. Try it.. we promise you won’t be disappointed
The Lizard

Wild and Abrasive FM synth with full Envelope and LFO control of all Modulators
Now at Version 2 with Great new GUI and slightly better architecture.. now uses less CPU

The latest version of an old favorite.. FL3A now benefits from improvements to the filter, 16 patches, a smoother distortion circuit, and selectable Sawtooth or Square waveforms.. This one can really kick *** . This version will not overwrite your existing Flea..

Inspired by a request for a vst that could be used for a Horror film Soundtrack. This synth is dedicated to its namesake. A guy whose generosity knows no bounds!! This Plug is most likely the work of the D*v*l himself…


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